Toats Mylk


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750ml Glass bottle with lid
750ml Toats Mylk Refill

Toats Oat Mylk, made nearby in Rushmere Farm in Hambledon, use organic oats grown on their farm. 

Where possible oats are milled fresh from the most recent harvest for a creamy mylk with a natural sweetness that will go well in your tea. You can froth it for your coffee, pour it in your cereal, or use it in your smoothies.

Refillable, returnable 750ml glass bottles full of fresh oat mylk.

Storage instructions:  Keep Refrigerated and drink within the date shown on the lid. The Mylk will be delivered fresh to us on Tuesdays, with a 10 day use by date, which means it will have a longer shelf life if ordered on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 

For your first bottle of Toats Mylk you will need to purchase the 750ml glass bottle (or provide one) plus the Mylk refill. From then on, just pay for your Mylk refills.  The bottles will be cleaned, sterilized and recirculated, so please return on your next delivery once empty. Don't worry, we will still give you Mylk if you haven't returned your previous bottle yet. If however you do plan on buying a couple of bottles at a time, please buy 2 bottles on the first purchase. 

Ingredients: British Oats (10%), Water, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Cornish Seaweed