Organic Sunflower Oil



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750ml Organic Sunflower Oil
750ml Glass bottle with oil (first purchase)

This beautiful Italian Organic Sunflower oil is perfect for use when roasting and frying foods. It has a neutral flavour. 

Sunflower oil is a rich source of polyunsaturated fat, which can help keep your heart healthy and lower unhealthy cholesterol. Sunflower oil is also high in Vitamin E, which helps to maintain healthy skin and eyes. 

Our new Organic Sunflower oil comes from a company called SESI, in large 20L containers which, when empty are returned to SESI to be cleaned and refilled again, this is called a circular loop system, much the same as our detergents. 

For first purchase, please  add OIL WITH 750ml BOTTLE, and there after just the 1L oil refill. Please return your empty bottles back when they are finished so we can clean and circulate them. ( Just leave them out when we deliver an order to you)