Inabel Handmade Fabric Face Masks - Supporting communities.

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Beautifully woven, and very comfortable to wear. There is a slit in the back to insert a filter, which can easily be sourced.

The Story : 

Distinguished among Philippines and Asian textiles for its sturdiness in construction, stark simplicity of design, and practicality in function, this woven cloth produced on the Ilocano loom embodies the characteristic attributes of an Ilocano Abel which is made of cotton, well-woven and with straight-neat edges.

Through the eccentricities of the modern times, the archaic INABEL livelihood is in slow decline. This has affected many families. The craft that has been passed down from their forefathers is in danger of extinction. Amidst this current pandemic and economic plunge, these beautiful fabrics have been turned into functional and eco- friendly products such as table runners, pillow cases, placemats, blankets, clothing apparel and especially cloth face masks, which are considered one of the most essential protective means in fighting the Covid- 19 transmission. Supporting the products would lead to uplifting and supporting the Philippines’ Ilocos women Inabel community.


Producing the fabric is an intricate process that starts from turning cotton fiber into spools of beeswax-brushed yarn, which is then woven together on the loom. The unique Inabel handcrafts almost Avant-Garde can really be complicated and tricky in a sense that it requires full focus.

It takes two weeks just to set up these meticulous patterns on a loom. Women are chosen to do loom weaving in the olden days because this requires small, dainty hands to easily slip through the threads. The average loom weaver produces only about two meters of fabric a day. Each thin cotton thread must be counted and arranged according to colour before it is wrapped into the loom. In a rhythmic manner, the steps of the wooden pedals and the knots of each crisscrossing must move seamlessly to avoid a messy tangle.

While the process requires much time, the result is breathtakingly beautiful. As they say, you can't rush art.