Fresh Veg and Fruit

Cooke's Refills


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Small Veg selection only - suitable for 2 people
Small mixed Fruit and Veg - Suitable for 2 people
Medium Veg Selection only - Suitable for up to 4 people
Medium mixed Fruit and Veg - suitable for up to 4 people
Large Veg Selection only - Suitable for a large family
Large Mixed Fruit and Veg - suitable for a large family
Small Fruit only
Small veg only

We are proud to be working with Bryant Brothers in Greatham, to deliver you a range of fresh fruit and veg depending on your choice and size requirements. We will aim to provide you with roughly a weeks' worth of fruit and veg. We will select a variety of either mixed veg and fruit, or just veg or fruit only. A veg selection will contain the staples like potatoes, onions, leeks, carrots, celery, courgettes, turnips, butternut, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. And Fruit will be a range of plums, satsumas, bananas, apples etc.   A mixed selection will contain a mix of both fruit and veg.  

Please send an email if you have any specific fruit or veg requests.