First time deposit for ''refillable'' glass container

Cooke's Refills


Tax included

After researching the market for eco friendly, oven proof, containers for ready meals, we have come to the realisation that there isn't much out there, and certainly nothing that isn't single use!  The only possible and natural option is to go... glass! Yes, in a beautiful oven proof and microwavable dish, which comes with a sealable, although, plastic, but infinitely re-usable, lid. 

So, much in the same way as our apple juice, cider vinegar, sunflower oil and oat mylk,  we ask for a payment on your first dish, 'Milk Man Style,  and from then on, there is no need to pay for the dish again. We just ask that you return the dish and lid back to us, on your next refill delivery. Or let us know when it's ready to collect. 

If you plan on keeping multiple frozen meals in your freezer at any one time, we ask that you pay for at least 2 returnable glass containers. 


CAUTION PLEASE NOTE : Please allow your meal to defrost completely before heating in the oven at 160'C to 180'C, this is important so as not to create thermal shock, therefore potentially shattering the glass! Please remove lid before heating.