Cotton Drawstring Bags

Cooke's Refills


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1 Medium Bag
2 Medium Bags
1 Large Bag
2 Large Bags
2 Large and 2 Medium Bags
4 Large and 4 Medium Bags

Sourced and made from an ethical company called BIDBI, (Bag It Don't Bin It) these new Cotton  drawstring bags are perfect for your dried pastas, pulses, fruits and nuts etc. 

They come in two sizes, Large approx. 25cm x 25cm and Medium, approx. 15cm x 20m.

The large bag can roughly hold about 1.5kg of pasta and about 2kgs of rice, pulses or beans. 

The medium bag holds up to 400g nuts, 250g dried mango etc. 

You can purchase these bags to use as a rotating container for your refill pantry products by returning the empty ones when your next delivery arrives.