Ben & Anna Toothpaste 100mls - New and Plastic Free

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Ben and Anna White with Fluoride 100ml
Ben and Anna Black with activated charcoal 100ml

Ben & Anna use 100% natural ingredients in their toothpaste, as well as plastic-free packaging. They come with a little bamboo applicator for putting the toothpaste onto your brush. 

Ben and Anna 'White' toothpaste with Fluoride is a powerhouse in the fight against discolouration. Pineapple enzyme helps whiten your teeth gently while sage adds an extra portion of vitamin A and antioxidants, providing a reliable protective shield against tooth decay and free radicals. Fresh minty flavour.

Ben and Anna 'Black' with activated charcoal - Black and strong-power packed for bright white teeth. Activated charcoal dissolves discolouration in the twinkling of an eye, naturally, while sea buckthorn and chamomile reliably protect your teeth and natural mint provides a kick of freshness. Fresh minty flavour.