About Cooke's Refills

Cooke's Refills is a new, small, family-run business, set up by Debbie and James Cooke. We are based in Steep Marsh, Hampshire, and offer a delivery service or click and collect of plastic-free produce to Petersfield and the surrounding villages. At the heart of our business lies a strong desire to reduce the amount of plastic packaging which we are all forced to buy in supermarkets. 


Sourcing Plastic-Free Products

We source our produce from ethical wholesalers who supply responsibly sourced and sustainable products, and yes, a small portion of the bulk items we receive to fulfil your orders, do come to us in plastic, but most of it comes in large paper sacks. We aim to keep our plastic waste to a minimum, and send any bulk plastic bags to be recycled. It's a comforting fact that, as a company, it takes us over 3 months to produce less than a plastic shopping bag full of unrecyclable waste. 

Plastic Free Packaging Policy

We do not use one bit of plastic packaging when packing food orders. All the food grade paper bags are made from recycled paper and are fully compostable. The brown tape to seal the bags are plastic-free, and we use ingredient labels made from plant-based materials.

We also sell eco-friendly refillable cleaning and personal body care products that do come in recycled and recyclable containers. So while some products may from time to time be delivered in a plastic container, none of the containers will ever have been purchased and in the most part are donated from our customers. How fantastic is that! You are doing your bit and deserve a big pat on the back! 


Supporting Local Businesses

We are keen on supporting local businesses and stock a range of Perfect Pickles, Mooka Ice Cream and local 'Diddling Good' charcoal, sourced from the South Downs area.